Online SDS Management for Miscellaneous or Janitorial Sectors

Online will meet the HazCom requirements for Right To Know access to SDS files in the janitorial industry.

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Online MSDS Management in the Janitorial Industry

SDS Management in the Janitorial Industry

Perhaps no other industry is filled with employees more in need of basic safety guidance. Often janitorial industry employees have never been exposed to industrial chemicals or large quantities of household chemicals. Up-to-date Safety Data Sheets can play a significant role in providing safety guidance.

Of course, every company no matter how big or small has the legal & moral responsibility to provide information on potential hazards in the workplace. In the janitorial industry, you also have the opportunity to provide a strong safety foundation for employees who are new to chemical exposure.

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hazMIN by LOGICAL Technology, Inc.  Solution

hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
The building block approach to .
Build your own custom janitorial industry solution with the hazMIN® building blocks (modules). Start with the building block that you need today; customize your building blocks to your specific compliance needs; and add building blocks as your needs grow.

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