Logical Technology, Inc. was founded in 1986. From basic solutions through a customized hazardous process, provides SDS and . With three decades of experience in software development, solutions, , and , has the expertise to customize a solution for your specific needs. While based in central Illinois, has provided quality software, services, and solutions to , , , and facilities spanning the United States, Canada, and Europe.

is the MSDS Management Company that creates software solutions to solve your requirements. With and provides booth hosted and installed MSDS/SDS management solutions.

is the MSDS Management Company that provides competitive priced solutions and custom, one off, application specific solutions. With our flexible, modular, and scalable designs, solutions are ready to grow with you.

is the MSDS Management Company which provides customizable Services to aid any size company in compiling or Reports. can process your data annually, or work with your IT department monthly, to input the data you need to generate your Environmental Reports.

is the MSDS Management Company that can provide SDS for your SDSs or proactive management of your SDS database. offers a selection of Options from just the basic fields to the entire SDS.

is the MSDS Management Company that is there with 24x7 Support to answer customer's questions. For customer's, will provide an SDS if you are unable to download the document.

is the MSDS Management Company that has never charged for the of customers who make the trek to our offices in Peoria. also facilitates the training of its customers with a User Group where customers can meet and discuss software and services and offer suggestions for enhancements.

is the MSDS Management Company that is committed to keeping our software and services current. As an example, software was compliant before the final U.S. Regulations were released. also can provide to tweak a solution to meet your specific needs.


hazMIN is your EH&S building block
hazMIN® Overview
provides the building blocks (modules) to your custom chemical management solution.
SDS Management
The key building block to your solution. Our superior quality module is available as a stand-alone product, or able to be integrated into your solution.
RegSub Online
Our is available as a part of your solution, or as a stand-alone product for you to integrate into your solution.
Task Management
Our solution is available for integrating into a comprehensive solution with , or as a stand-alone product.

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