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Environmental Consulting Services

can process your "third-party" inventory data, run necessary reports, and provide the "due diligence" for your environmental reporting.

Data Management for & Threshold and Release Calculations.

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hazMIN® Environmental Consultant

If you need help with environmental reporting, can be a key part of your solution.

Even though the Module has options that allow a customer to import inventory information from any third-party ERP system or manually enter the data, sometimes a customer still needs help. At , we understand that working within a customer's Information, Technology, or Purchasing Department to integrate inventory data into the software is more about "relationships of people" than "relational data".

Over the years, has developed custom procedures and practices to work within a customer's infrastructure to periodically obtain data that will be turned into Reports and EPCRA Reports. When new materials are introduced into the production process, will work with you to obtain the SDS and add the new stock information into .

goes beyond receiving your data files and importing the information into the software. At we do our "due diligence" to evaluate the data for environmental reporting requirements. can even generate the final environmental reports for your corporate signature.

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