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stands for Hazardous Materials Information Network.

The name emphasizes the importance of communication among management, environmental and safety personnel, and employees. By facilitating this networking, any size organization from a single site to a large corporation can adhere to hazardous materials regulations and, most importantly, ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

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is an integrated set of six SDS software modules providing online SDS management, a database of regulated chemicals, chemical inventory & waste tracking, environmental reporting, a committee review system, and a task management solution.

You can start with the Module for a complete Right To Know solution, or add optional modules for a comprehensive hazardous materials management solution.

Hazardous Materials Information Network

- Add modules as your needs grow.

  • Unlimited user access to search, view, and print your MSDSs and SDSs. Over 300 stock fields and unlimited textual data, make the SDS management module the structure for any information your organization needs to database. (Also available as a stand-alone solution.)
  • Highest quality chemical regulatory database, , and SDS component cross-referencing for risk analyses. (Also available as a stand-alone solution or Raw Data.)
  • Track hazardous chemical usage and storage, generation and storage, import third party inventory data, and trigger threshold email notifications.
  • Including , , VOC, and ad-hoc environmental reporting, and maintaining a reporting history.
  • Hazardous chemical committee review and approval system, SDS augmentation with and maintenance of a history of where, when, who, and how chemicals were approved for use.
  • Track and document regulatory-related tasks, corrective actions, and permit tracking. (Also available as a stand-alone solution.)

provides a comprehensive cloud-based SDS, chemical, waste, and environmental management. If you would like to install a program and manage your own SDS library, is a "bare-bones" SDS management solution.

hazMIN Modules
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hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
The building block approach to Compliance.
Build your own custom Compliance solution with the hazMIN® building blocks (modules). Start with the building block that you need today; customize your building blocks to your specific Compliance needs; and add building blocks as your needs grow.

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