Chemical Review

Chemical Review Software helps meet the requirements of safe use and training by going beyond the MSDS/SDS by adding site-specific safe use instructions.

Material Process Control is the systematic committee review of hazardous materials usage and storage to assure that hazardous materials are being used in a safe manner by all employees.

Chemical Review Committee - hazMIN®

can allow your hazardous materials
committee to manage your hazardous materials.

Some companies have recognized the value of reviewing the introduction of a new hazardous material within a process. Usually, this consists of reviewing the MSDS/SDS and its proposed planned usage.

After evaluating the MSDS/SDS and its planned usage, the material may then be approved for the planned use. To ensure that employees are properly trained in the safe use of the proposed material, a training document (SOP) is prepared which outlines safe use and related information for the employees. hazMIN® was perhaps the first software dedicated to this hazardous materials management philosophy, offering a computer-based in 1986. And we have actively made improvements to its functionality ever since.

Even if you do not want to establish a formal approval process to hazardous materials management, the database created with the REQUEST and SOP provides management tools which are unavailable elsewhere. The flexibility of the hazardous materials management software allows these documents and the review process to be customized to the exact needs of the user.

Chemical Review Professional

A professional displays a chemical
in proper safety gear.

The who, what, when, where, and how.

The REQUEST augments the MSDS/SDS with site specific data regarding the who, what, where, when, why, how much, and how a material is used and disposed of within a process or facility. The REQUEST compiles data with respect to the facility, the building, the process location, ventilation, disposal, application methods, material amounts, containers, and much more. The REQUEST provides user-defined fields for corporate-specific historical usage information. The REQUEST allows a user to pick from facility specific validations in order to create a REQUEST. The system allows for unlimited unique REQUESTS per MSDS. The Module will archive REQUESTS (and MSDSs) into a non-current status because of discontinued use, or updating of the documents.

has included key fields which need to be tracked for comprehensive hazardous materials management, but the user may decide to use some fields, all fields, or replace some fields with those that meet their own unique needs. If usage and storage totals are included, the software can be used to calculate and usage threshold reports.

Safe Operating Procedure Training Class

Professionals learn about the Safe Operating Procedure for a chemical with .

The in-house training document.

How do you train employees within your facility on the proper use and handling of hazardous materials as it applies to their specific process?

How do you acquaint employees of facility specific rules and regulations regarding safe storage of a recently delivered material?

SOPs are the answer. An MSDS/SDS might state "dispose of according to federal, state, and local regulations", while an SOP will prescribe facility specific disposal information, such as "clean the material up with floor-dry and place it in the green waste accumulator". SOPs provide specific-use training and can summarize the key parts of an MSDS/SDS, in the terms and everyday language of your workforce, 24 hours a day. The hazardous materials management system comes equipped with thirty "generic" SOPs (based on material type, i.e., "Oil Based Paints"), which can be easily modified for your distinct use.

Typically, one SOP is used for one material within a facility.

The Supreme Environmental Database Information is not available anywhere else. Most companies acquire the Committee Review Software so that they can build a queryable database of hazardous material usage, storage, and disposal which is not available anywhere else in the corporation. The queries and cross-queries on the data are unlimited. A cross-query may include components of specified MSDS/SDSs found in the Module referenced to a list within (such as the "Ozone Depleting Substances" lists (ODSs)), with a cross-query to the REQUESTS for the who, what, and where of the information that one requires.

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