Online MSDS Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, will meet the HazCom requirements for Right To Know access to your Safety Data Sheets with Online MSDS Management.

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Online MSDS Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

SDS Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Few industries have ever been fortunate enough to experience the growth we see today in the pharmaceutical industry. However, with a chemical intensive production process and the faith of the global population the pressure for perfection can be no higher.

In the context of the pharmaceutical industry, the consequences from mismanagement of chemicals could be devastating. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry may be the most heavily regulated industry in its handling of hazardous chemicals. Hence, it is no small task to implement chemical management initiatives in such a chemical intensive industry.

Fortunately, EH&S managers and production managers are able to utilize diverse software suite to implement an industry-leading solution that goes beyond the letter of the law. features offer proactive chemical management tools in line with which makes hazMIN® stand out above the rest. hazMIN's is ideal for documenting, approving, and ensuring the least harmful chemical is utilized in any operation. The bottom line is when you partner with you gain a valuable asset which has spent 30 years specializing in the chemical management and industries.

hazMIN by LOGICAL Technology, Inc.  Solution

hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
The building block approach to .
Build your own custom pharmaceutical industry solution with the hazMIN® building blocks (modules). Start with the building block that you need today; customize your building blocks to your specific compliance needs; and add building blocks as your needs grow.

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