Online MSDS Management for Manufacturing

will meet the HazCom requirements for employee access to Material Safety Data Sheets, in the manufacturing industry.

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Online MSDS Management in the Manufacturing Industry

SDS Management in the Manufacturing Industry

Historically, manufacturing companies made America the country it is today. However, today the modern manufacturing industry faces with evolving regulations, the need to initiate ever more sustainable business practices, and the ever increasing cost of labor. These issues, to name a few, make profitability for manufacturers ever more challenging.

software suite is the key to your sustainable environmental Compliance solution. With online MSDS Management since 1999 and 30 years providing Compliance to customers, has the experience and expertise to ensure you're compliant with all environmental regulations. From , with and , to proactive chemical management, hazMIN® has the tools today to ensure you're ready for the dynamic challenges of tomorrow. hazMIN® provides access online to your Safety Data Sheets to all your workers and an industry-leading powerful cross reference tool. Our will ensure you're compliant with all local chemical regulations regardless of location specific requirements or any associated regulatory bodies.

One of the key challenges facing manufacturing today is the training of a skilled labor force. When it comes to chemical management in the workplace it's not easy to know what to do when a chemical is spilled. hazMIN® goes beyond the letter of the HazCom laws with the optional , this option gives workers access to a quick overview of the hazardous related to a given SDS. This additional information may be pivotal in effectively managing a potentially hazardous situation.

hazMIN by LOGICAL Technology, Inc.  Solution

hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
The building block approach to .
Build your own custom manufacturing industry solution with the hazMIN® building blocks (modules). Start with the building block that you need today; customize your building blocks to your specific compliance needs; and add building blocks as your needs grow.

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