Online SDS Management for the Chemical Industry

Online will solve your HazCom compliance needs, in the chemical industry, for Right To Know access to all your SDS files.

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Online MSDS Management in the Chemical Industry

SDS Management in the Chemical Industry

The chemical manufacturing and distribution industry requires a sophisticated chemical management system to support their products. Increased regulations and a dynamic, evolving industry create many challenges for this chemical intensive market.

With end-users demanding transparency and dependability, the chemical industry is faced with the difficult task of providing a consistent, high quality product. When it comes to chemical management in the chemical manufacturing industry, accidental mismanagement of chemicals can result in serious harm. With so many challenges and potential hazards, chemical manufacturers and distributers must implement quality chemical management practices.

is the definition of a quality chemical management solution. With flexibility and modularity built into its design, hazMIN® is ready to grow with you. Designed to go beyond the letter of the law, hazMIN® is ready to provide the tools you need to implement a quality, proactive approach to chemical management.

hazMIN by LOGICAL Technology, Inc.  Solution

hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
The building block approach to .
Build your own custom chemical industry solution with the hazMIN® building blocks (modules). Start with the building block that you need today; customize your building blocks to your specific compliance needs; and add building blocks as your needs grow.

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