Common MSDS Management Module question and answers are provided here for transparency and convenience.

What were LOGICAL's criteria for deciding which fields should be included in the MSDS Management Module?

has been providing MSDS & SDS software and MSDS & SDS loading services for thirty years. We designed the MSDS/SDS based upon:

  1. Our thirty years of experience loading MSDS/SDS sheets
  2. Input from our customers.

Through our experience with MSDS & SDS sheets, we learned what information was being provided by manufacturers; our customers advised us on additional information that is important to them.

Does offer options for the regulated thirty-year history requirements?

All information may be left online. You may leave all replaced copies of an MSDS or SDS in the non-current status. This provides the additional feature of being able to search, display and query all historical information.

Second, since all MSDS & SDS images are stored in PDF format, it is very easy to copy PDF files to another storage medium, such as a recordable CD.

Do all companies rely on the computer for the thirty-year record retention requirement?

Regardless of computer advances, some companies still store all of their paper MSDS and SDS sheets. You should consult your company's legal counsel for information concerning your company's position.

What are statuses and why are they important?

For Right To Know purposes and environmental reporting, it is very important to identify which MSDS & SDS sheets are currently active. has a "current" status to identify active versions of the MSDS & SDS, a "non-current" status to identify superseded versions (which can be key to a company's thirty year record retention plan), and a "pending" status to identify what has recently been imported or is being edited. In addition, when linked with the Committee Review, the "pending" status can identify materials that are being evaluated for potential use.

What if I obtain confidential information from a manufacturer that supplements an MSDS or SDS. How could I be discrete with this information, but include it in the MSDS or SDS for reporting purposes?

A component of an MSDS or SDS in can be identified as a "confidential component". General users would only see the "confidential component" note. Users, who have been granted the required access, could view this confidential information and even include it in queries of the MSDS sheets.

What information does the employee need to select an MSDS or SDS?

Due to the flexibility of the MSDS/SDS software, minimal information is needed to locate an MSDS or SDS. A search can be executed with part of the product name, synonym, keyword, supplier or manufacturer of the material, location, department, facility, or even the facility's own Stock ID.

Can company specific MSDS and SDS information be added to the MSDS and SDS to improve the employee's ability to find a particular MSDS or SDS?

Absolutely. Fields, in the MSDS/SDS, include an internal stock number, site assigned MSDS & SDS numbers, usage locations, user-titled fields, and more.

How would I manage MSDS or SDS sheets for multiple facilities?

You may track MSDS and SDS sheets at multiple facilities within . If it is the goal of a corporation to restrict employee access to only MSDS & SDS sheets used within their facility, then additional "facilities" must be licensed for . This will enable the users to only see the MSDS sheets in their facility. Even though each facility appears to have its own MSDS/SDS database, MSDS & SDS sheets are only loaded once for all facilities.

How do I manage access to the MSDS/SDSs on our company network?

includes a comprehensive internal security system. The coordinator of the software determines which individuals may enter information into the database, which individuals may query the fielded information, etc. Security is controlled by a username and a password. Employees do not require passwords to search for, display, or print an MSDS; nor do they require a password to print a safety label.

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