SDS Management FAQ

SDS Management FAQ

Common SDS Management Module question and answers are provided here for transparency and convenience.

Seen Enough?      

Does offer options for the regulated thirty-year history requirements?

All information may be left online. You may leave all replaced copies of an SDS in the non-current status. This provides the additional feature of being able to search, display and query all historical information.

Second, since all SDS images are stored in PDF format, it is very easy to copy PDF files to another storage medium, such as a recordable CD.

Do all companies rely on the computer for the thirty-year record retention requirement?

Regardless of computer advances, some companies still store all of their paper MSDS and SDS sheets. You should consult your company's legal counsel for information concerning your company's position.

What information does the employee need to select an SDS?

Due to the flexibility of the SDS software, minimal information is needed to locate an SDS. A search can be executed with part of the product name, synonym, keyword, supplier or manufacturer of the material, location, department, facility, or even the facility's own Stock ID.

Can company specific SDS information be added to the SDS to improve the employee's ability to find a particular SDS?

Absolutely. Fields, in the SDS, include an internal stock number, site assigned MSDS & SDS numbers, usage locations, user-titled fields, and more.

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