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Right To Know SDS Software

 Right To Know SDS Software is designed for ease of use by Right To Know users.

hazMIN® Right To Know SDS Software includes the tools necessary for your Environmental, Health, and Safety team to manage your Safety Data Sheets.

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The Solution

  • HazCom Compliance
  • Supports multi-lingual SDSs and user interface
  • Customize search terms to your facility
  • Superior "Fuzzy" logic for misspelled product/manufacturer names
  • Select from three MSDS Search pages for the best solution for your RTK users
  • Three-hundred plus entry fields available
  • Maintain OSHA thirty-year SDS retention requirement
  • Core module for all other hazMIN® modules
  • No need for separate report writer
  • converts this module in to an online SDS solution

Report Examples

  • Ad hoc reports on any MSDS field
  • Report by date, location, or any of the hundreds of fields
  • By adding the , Cross-reference components against any source list to determine impact of regulations
  • All reports can automatically be sent to MS Excel or Word
  • Boolean queries
Online MSDS & Environmental Management Solutions for your employees.

provides employees with Right To Know access.

Hazard Ratings and Labels

Hazard Ratings & Labels are easy to make with .

Hazard Ratings & Labels (Optional)

may include for each SDS a consistent 0 to 4 Hazard Rating for Health, Flammability, and Reactivity. If the material is chronic, the SDS is marked as such.

You can print this information directly on the hazard label, with the product name, manufacturer, and manufacturer's emergency phone number. However, Chemical Hazard Rating Labels can do more. Where target organs and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) have been identified on the SDS, that information is also printed on the larger labels. On all but the smallest labels, the first five components are listed on the label.

You may print the GHS information for each SDS. GHS label would include:

  • GHS Signal Word
  • GHS Pictograms
  • GHS Precautionary & Hazard Phrases

Spill/Exposure Overview (SEO) (Optional)

may include an SDS-specific SEO. The SEO spells out in simple language the significant meaning behind the Hazard Ratings and additional hazard exposure information.

The SEO is designed to be a quick read and give the employee a critical overview of the hazards of exposure to the material, spill control measures are also included.

Spill & Exposure Overview

Spill & Exposure Overview (SEO) is optional, but highly valuable in volatile situations.

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