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TSCA Inventory Verification

will cross-reference your SDS components to verify that all of your components are on the TSCA Inventory.

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Inventory is a list of all existing chemical substances manufactured, processed, or imported in the United States that do not qualify for an exemption or exclusion.

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TSCA - Inventory

EPCRA Toxics Release Inventory Form R Reporting

Section 8 (b) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requires the EPA to compile a list of chemical substance, including imports, that are manufactured or processed in the United States. EPA uses the data to help assess the potential human health and environmental effects of these chemicals. The "TSCA Inventory" plays a central role in the regulation of most industrial chemicals in the United States.

A manufacturer must determine if a chemical is listed on the TSCA Inventory list before beginning to produce a chemical. Users of chemicals should assure that the chemicals are on the TSCA Inventory before importing chemicals. TSCA Section 5 requires anyone who plans to produce, or import, a chemical not on the list to provide the EPA with a Pre-Manufacture Notice (PMN) at least 90 days before beginning production.

According to the EPA, a Pre-Manufacture Notice requires:

1) Chemical Identity
2) Production Volume
3) Byproducts
4) Use
5) Environmental Release
6) Disposal Practices
7) Human Exposure 8) Existing Available Test Data

To learn more about TSCA and the TSCA Inventory, visit:

TSCA Inventory Resources

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Filing a Pre-manufacture Notice with EPA

To learn more about a Pre-Manufacture Notice (PMN) and its requirements visit the EPA's website. Including, who is required to submit a PMN and how to submit a PIM.

About the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory

General questions and answers.

How to Access the TSCA Inventory

Access the entire TSCA Inventory list.


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Document that all of your components are on the TSCA Inventory.
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Cross-reference your components against the TSCA Inventory to verify that components are on the TSCA Inventory.

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