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International Fire Code (IFC)

includes the tools to produce a hazardous materials storage report which is compliant with the requirements of the International Fire Code (IFC).

International Fire Code (IFC) requires a hazardous material storage report by IFC Hazard Class.

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International Fire Code (IFC)

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IFC (International Fire Code) establishes minimum regulations for fire prevention and fire protection systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. The provisions of the IFC provide protection for public health, safety and welfare from the hazards of fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in buildings, structures and premises. The IFC includes comprehensive regulations for hazardous materials. The IFC is known for it's proven safety track record in fire prevention precautions, handling flammable liquids and other hazardous materials.

For more information on the specific reporting requirements of the International Fire Code, visit:

International Fire Code Resources

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Overview of the IFC

For a comprehensive overview of the IFC,(Benefits, Uses, Events, Training, and More) this page offers a good place to start learning about the IFC.

International Fire Code (2015)

587 Page PDF. Original 2015 document for IFC codes.

International Fire Code (2015)

2015 IFC Codes document. This link offers the codes by chapter allowing for easier search of codes.


hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
SDS Management
Documents your reportable hazardous materials for the IFC-reportable components within your Safety Data Sheets.
Chemical Inventory
Documents the onsite storage of your hazardous materials for the International Fire Code storage report of hazardous materials.
Task Management (Optional)
Assign IFC reporting responsibilities, track deadlines, and document reporting compliance.

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