RegSub™ Online - hazMIN

RegSub™ Online

This hazardous chemical database is available as an online resource for EH&S professionals.

has been compiling critical regulatory and advisory information on hazardous chemicals since 1988.

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Online Features

Quickly, determine employee exposure risks.

Diagnose Regulatory Impact of materials used, and waste generated.

Key limits, regulations, and agency documentation are included.

Source List Bibliography, Synopsis, links to Source Agencies are included.

Save time over researching hundreds of sources.

The most current information is always on-line 24x7.

Highest Quality Regulated Chemicals Database.

160+ international, federal, state and advisory sources are included.

Your Compliance is our business.

RegSub Online - hazMIN®

is available in three ways:

allows for easy cross-reference of all your Safety Data Sheet Components.

contains over 160 regulatory sources.


hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
is available in 3 formats:

Available as a module to be integrated into your complete solution with .
RegSub™ "Raw Data"
May be licensed to be incorporated into your application.
RegSub™ Online
A subscription-based service which allows you online access to the Regulated Substance Database.

Without RegSub Online

You would have to do the following:

  • Maintain a library of chemical regulations.
  • Build and maintain a set of bookmarks.
  • Sign-up for multiple email notification services for change notifications.
  • Develop report with various regulatory and advisory group to discuss compliance issues.
  • As questions arise, assign staff to research chemical compliance and safe use issues.
  • When answering management questions, format personnel research into presentable documentation.
  • When you really need help with the one chemical question, don't just call the RegSub editor.

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