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Chemical List of List

This Chemical List of Lists not only provides the regulatory and advisory authority governing a material, it includes the source data.

RegSub is a powerful tool for referencing products and their components with reporting regulations, exposure limits, and other information.

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Chemical list of list

can quickly determine which SDS(s)
have regulated components.

Do you know which regulated chemicals your facility or corporation uses? Do you have a mechanism to determine that?

has already compiled over 160 lists with over 215,000 chemicals and categories in the most comprehensive "list of lists" available. The Regulated Substance Database (RegSub™) contains those names that have been identified by some agency or body as being hazardous. Each of these names has associated with them all their synonyms, key data, and where possible: Molecular Formula, CAS number, PMN number, EC number and IUB number. Some of the key data available are Threshold Planning Quantities from the Extremely Hazardous Substance list, Threshold Limit Values from the ACGIH list, and Proper Shipping Name from the DOT list. For those companies doing business in Canada, the Canadian Ingredient Disclosure List and NPRI limits are available. Both the TSCA inventory and the Canadian Domestic Substance Lists are also included. For those with European business connections, the recently updated REACH Annex XIV and XVII substances are now included.

All of these chemicals and categories are of interest to the regulated community and most require some proactive action. With each quarterly release, updates those lists, adds new lists, and adds chemicals.

There are many sources for the complete regulations today. The users of these sources need the Regulated Substance Database. This chemical list of lists is the index that is needed to cross-reference the same chemical between various and assorted federal, state, international, and advisory bodies. If your SDS uses a synonym and not the actual regulated name, you are still responsible for compliance. Those are items that you may miss, if you do not check the Regulated Substance Database (RegSub™).

RegSub Database

Hazardous Chemical Database One source for all chemical hazards lists and list of regulated chemicals.

The specialized chemical database combines information on hazardous chemicals, regulated chemicals, and advisory chemicals. More than just a hazardous chemical list, the bibliography provided makes the chemical database an excellent starting point for environmental, health, and safety regulations.

The Regulated Substance Database is available in three forms:

  1. Integrated as a module of
  2. An on-line subscription service
  3. As Raw Data for integration into your application

Complete Documentation with hazMIN®

Complete Documentation All of the KEY information that you need.

is extremely well-documented. It includes the original footnotes contained in a regulatory or advisory list. Such footnotes are important on qualifying a chemical on a list.

Also included is a brief description of each list and an extensive bibliography that allows the user to independently research a list, including all of the changes to the list. The documentation allows the user to verify critical information in the original sources. This chemical list of lists is the index to the regulations that we always wanted included in the Code of Federal Regulations.

hazMIN Reports

Thorough Reports This is not just a List of Lists.

The user friendly interface allows the user to find information by chemical name, regulatory synonym, partial name, Molecular Formula, CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) number, UN/NA number, PMN (Premanufactured Notice Number), EC (European Commission) number, or IUB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Number.

Information includes:

  • View/Print all chemicals contained on a given list
  • Determine which federal or state regulations apply to a particular chemical
  • OSHA Exposure Limits
  • ACGIH Threshold Limit Values
  • EPA Reportable Quantities, Threshold Planning Quantities, and RCRA Waste Numbers
  • Check to see if a chemical is a known or suspected carcinogen
  • DOT Proper Shipping Names
  • And much, much more!

All the information provided includes the chemical names and synonyms that appear on each regulatory and advisory list.

list Priority

List Priority What is Job One?

first priority is to keep the more than 160 lists that are currently in the Regulated Substance Database up-to-date with quarterly updates. In other words, our first priority is that you always have the correct information. Regulations are constantly changing. Corrections are always being posted by regulatory agencies. However, we make sure that the database is always correct.

The second priority is the loading of new, final, and proposed lists. is loading new lists with each edition. If you have a specific need for a list that is not listed in this publication (and only a handful are actually listed here), please contact to determine if that list is currently provided. If that list is not currently provided, ask a account representative for the planned delivery date or for information regarding Sponsor-a-List program.

Regulatory Substance Database Lists They just keep growing and growing

The regulatory and advisory information comes from a wealth of sources including:

  • American Congress of Governmental and Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)
    • Threshold Limit Values
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • SARA
    • Clean Water Act
    • Clean Air Act
    • RCRA
    • CERCLA
    • TSCA Inventory
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    • Air Contaminants
    • Process Safety Management
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
  • National Toxicology Program (NTP)
    • Report on Carcinogens
  • Canada
    • DSL Inventory
    • Ingredient Disclosure List
    • National Pollutant Release Inventory
    • Annex XIV
    • Annex XVII
  • California
    • Proposition 65
  • New Jersey
    • Right To Know
  • Massachusetts
  • Wisconsin
  • New York
  • Louisiana

...and many more

Can you afford to spend the time? Probably not.

Can you afford not to do the cross-referencing? Probably not.

That's why our customers rely on the .

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