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Your Compliance is Our Business

What compliance issues do you need to address?

has three decades of experience helping companies with the compliance topics listed in the menu and more. As a service to current and future customers, this page is dedicated to being a resource for your compliance needs.

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First, ignorance of the law is no defense. The consequences for noncompliance can be costly, severe, and highly embarrassing to your employer. For example, see the "Basic EPA Enforcement Primer" below, for a summary of possible enforcement actions for non-compliance.

Second, to learn about various compliance issues facing the environmental, health and safety professional, click a topic in the menu. Most topics include a summary of the regulations, a link to the regulatory agency, and links for additional resources. The summaries are focused on the role of hazardous materials management and reporting.

Lastly, click the EPA/OSHA News in the menu for current EPA and OSHA news releases.

Basic EPA Enforcement Primer

Enforcing environmental laws is a central part of EPA's Strategic Plan to protect human health and the environment. EPA works to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. When warranted, EPA will take civil or criminal enforcement action against violators of environmental laws.

One of EPA's top priorities is to protect communities disproportionately affected by pollution through our environmental justice (EJ) work. EPA is integrating EJ into areas such as:

  • Enforcement and compliance program planning and implementation
  • Identifying cases to pursue
  • Developing solutions to benefit overburdened communities

Types of Enforcement Actions

Civil Administrative Actions are non-judicial enforcement actions taken by EPA or a state under its own authority. These actions do not involve a judicial court process. An administrative action by EPA or a state agency may be in the form of:

  • A notice of violation or a Superfund notice letter
  • An order (either with or without penalties) directing an individual, a business, or other entity to take action to come into compliance, or to clean up a site

Civil Judicial Actions are formal lawsuits. They are filed in court, against persons or entities that have failed to:

  • Comply with statutory or regulatory requirements
  • Comply with an administrative order
  • Pay EPA the costs for cleaning up a Superfund site or commit to doing the cleanup work

These cases are filed by the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of EPA. In regulatory cases they may be filed by the State's Attorneys General on behalf of the states. Learn more about Civil Cases and Settlement.

Criminal Actions can occur when EPA or a state enforce against a company or person through a criminal action. Criminal actions are usually reserved for the most serious violations, those that are willful, or knowingly committed. A court conviction can result in fines or imprisonment.

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