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Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting utilizes customer inventory data to compute , , VOC emissions, and other agency-required regulatory reports.

hazMIN® Environmental Reporting Software calculates essential environmental, health, and safety reporting requirements while tracking the receipt, usage, storage, and shipment of hazardous materials.

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A comprehensive, environmental management system needs to handle regulatory reporting for , SARA 313, , EPCRA, and CAA Title 5. The environmental, health, and safety software must be flexible to handle new regulations. To be cost effective, the environmental management system must integrate with the existing chemical inventory and tracking systems. Ideally, the environmental software must also accommodate manual input, and track both hazardous wastes and materials. These features are needed to make an environmental reporting software an ideal environmental health and safety management tool.

Some of the most important questions to ask when evaluating software for environmental reporting are:

  • What assumptions are being made?
  • Are those assumptions accurate?
  • Will the regulatory agency receiving those reports accept those assumptions?

The environmental reporting software will compute thresholds for manufacturing, receiving, consuming, and releases for Section 313 chemicals. releases can even include sampling data. For example wastewater, so that those releases will be rolled into the total releases.

The regulatory reporting software will compute storage reports, by product (SDS) or by component. When computing by component, the can be used to link synonyms to a single reporting name for the most accurate reporting.

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The environmental reporting module will compute emissions reports for the Clean Air Act. Emissions can be based upon components in the SDS, or actual sampling data of emission streams. "RELEASE FACTORS" can also be entered to document emissions as a factor of material usage or production. Total or average emissions can be calculated for any reporting period for a specific location, group of locations, or an entire facility.

Some environmental reports can also be computed from the "REQUEST" data in , as well as the data in the environmental reporting module. This allows reports to be computed based upon the "approved planned method", documented storage, or usage data.

Our regulatory reporting software is flexible. You may use as much as is necessary to meet your environmental reporting requirements or other objectives. The brief descriptions of the reports given above are not meant to be all-inclusive. If you have questions about a particular report, feel free to at any time.

Regulatory Reporting Computer

With intuitive software and 24/7 support,
makes Regulatory Reporting easy.

Queries and Reports
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The has two powerful means for data review.

First, the custom query feature allows all transactions of materials and wastes to be searched by any field. While the primary function of this feature is verification of existing data. The query can be used to create a collection of transactions, which can be edited and added to the database as new transactions. This enables entry of repetitive periodic information, like inventory documentation.

If you do find inaccurate data in the system, an authorized user can correct the mistake. Any accumulators would be automatically corrected.

The second means of reviewing data are through custom reports. Point and click reports enable you to easily select specific report criteria.

Neither the custom query nor the custom reports require you to have any programming knowledge. All reports are generated as spreadsheet tables. If you want to further manipulate the data output, you can export the data to a spreadsheet with one click.

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