Environmental Reporting Software FAQ

Common and Module question and answers are provided here for transparency and convenience.

Our company already has an inventory system. Can I import the inventory files into the Environmental Reporting Software?

Yes. This can be done by the end user without any custom programming by . only requires a comma delimited text file and a certain order to the information. The documentation incorporated into the environmental reporting software will enable you to import your own inventory, usage, and/or waste information.

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appears to be very comprehensive. How do I assure myself that I will properly implement the environmental reporting software for my company?

includes several lines of support options:

  1. On-line help documentation.
  2. Unlimited phone support.
  3. On-site training and implementation design assistance for this module.

will be there to assure that your implementation will succeed.

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My only concern is tracking chemicals for reporting. Do I have to track all receipts and consumption of materials?

No. If you only want to track inventories and compute the annual SARA report, periodic on-hand totals will suffice. will compute the average and maximum amounts. You will be able to run the SARA report at either the product or component level.

I am interested in reporting for at the component level. How does the environmental reporting software help me manage my reporting?

There are several options. The easiest is to select the report by 302 list. will automatically determine which MSDS or SDS components are reportable and drive the report accordingly.

I am responsible for environmental reporting for several facilities. Will one copy of the environmental reporting software compute environmental compliance reports for multiple facilities?

Yes. can compute threshold, SARA, emissions, and release reports for multiple facilities within one copy of the software. You will, though, need to license "additional facilities" for .

Can I import purchasing information and have compute my receiving and consumption thresholds for ?

Yes. will compute the receiving and consumption thresholds in pounds for each Reporting Name. All of the MSDS & SDS components, which may be synonyms of the reporting name, are linked together. Then, utilizes purchasing information to compute the threshold for each Reporting Name. In addition, if "process" operations are distinguished from "otherwise use" operations in the purchasing information, the threshold calculations will be further refined.

It is very important for my clean air act permit that I mass balance the waste generation so that I do not over report my emissions. Will the environment health and safety software perform a "true" mass balance?

Yes. When tracking the amount of material going to a process, a percentage of that material may not have been actually "consumed" in the process. To compute emissions on this non-consumed material would overstate emissions. Therefore, mass balances the waste generated from an operation against a set of "consumed" material transactions for that operation.

I don't have a lot of time to sit at a computer screen and input numbers each day. How can the Environmental Reporting Software make this process less time consuming?

You can input all of you daily values into a spreadsheet, perhaps, on a weekly or biweekly basis. Then, import that spreadsheet into the environmental reporting software. It may even be advantageous to create a standard grid of transactions and import that grid into the software each time that you wish to input values. Any extra transactions with the number of containers or units left blank will simply be ignored by the software.

Our county has a unique emissions report. Can I create a custom report from ?

Yes. emission reports can be exported to a spreadsheet program. From there, you may customize the report to meet your county's requirements.

What reporting capabilities are available, in addition to, the required environmental reports?

There is an extensive standard reporting capability covering all aspects of receiving, storing, consumption, manufacturing/generating, and shipping - for both materials and wastes. There are also provisions to track costs associated with each of these. In addition, every transaction can be queried. As with other reports, the results from all of these reports may be directly transferred to a spreadsheet program for further analysis, graphing, and report generation.

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