Hazardous Waste Tracking

Hazardous Waste Tracking Software monitors the storage quantities and day-on-site to assure compliance with your permits and regulations.

By using the module to track hazardous waste, you can take advantage of email notification of storage quantities or storage duration approaching permit and regulatory limits. Insure that the key personnel are notified in a timely manner when it time to ship out your hazardous waste.

One Database for Hazardous Waste Tracking

makes chemical waste tracking easy
by encorpoating all your data into one database.

One Database
"Cradle-to-grave tracking" is not just a cliché

The hazMIN® Chemical Inventory Module allows for the tracking of hazardous waste or material from receipt at the receiving dock to disposal of the waste at the hazardous waste incinerator. One database eliminates duplicity of data entry, which helps insure consistency of your environmental reporting. One database that is integrated with the user's MSDS or SDS assures that reports are consistent with MSDS/SDS and component information published by the manufacturer of the MSDS/SDS. The integration comes full circle when the integrated MSDS & SDSs help assure that employees are receiving training consistent with the chemicals reported.

Depending upon the needs of the user, one database can be used to generate individual environmental reports for one facility or for multiple unique facilities. The movement of material between facilities can even be tracked and all associated background accumulators for compliance reporting will be properly adjusted.

The integration of hazardous waste tracking into one database will help assure that release of hazardous materials, specifically 313 chemicals, will be rolled into one Release Report. At the time of reporting, the integration of effluent and emission sampling data will further aid in documentation.

Hazardous Waste Storage Tracking Solutions

allows multiple methods to
incorporate chemical usage and storage.

Hazardous Waste Tracking
Out of sight is not out of mind.

Tracking waste, hazardous or not, in the hazMIN® Chemical Inventory Software is as simple as documenting the movement of the waste from an onsite location (where it was generated) to an offsite location (where it was disposed). Add a manifest number to the waste going offsite and you have documented all of the material on that manifest.

Like any material tracked in the hazMIN® Chemical Inventory Software, the waste may be tracked as a bulk material or in a uniquely numbered container. Waste is entirely integrated into the material tracking system. There are no separate databases or special reports that need to be run for waste only. To track waste for biennial reports, you just move wastes in and out of the site's hazardous waste storage location.

Tracking the waste being generated at a location enables the user to generate reports for the department or facility. By entering the standard cost for that waste's disposal, the waste generation cost for each location, department, or facility can be calculated for a given time period. When a corporation is tracking multiple facilities in one database, the waste generation from each facility is automatically documented in the hazMIN® Chemical Inventory Module.

Another feature of the Chemical Inventory Software is the Module's flexibility is the user defined waste fields. Since waste can vary between industries, user defined fields allow user to document special characteristics of their waste.

Entering the waste analyses enable the software to compute release of heavy metals. Material moved offsite may then be automatically rolled up into release reports.

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