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Regulated Substance Database RegSub™

This is a compilation of regulated and advisory hazardous chemical lists from key U.S. and international sources.

The Regulated Substance Database includes such lists as: ACGIH Threshold Limit, Clean Water Act, Proposition 65, OSHA Air Contaminants, TSCA Inventory, and more.

Seen Enough?      

What if you could take SDS(s) out of your file cabinet, remove all of the Code of Federal Regulations and various hazardous chemical handbooks off your shelves, and have someone give you a report whenever the two "crossed paths"? Could you afford to pay someone, or take the time yourself, to determine every instance that an component on an SDS is mentioned in a particular CFR, or has been listed as carcinogenic by some recognized authority?

Perhaps you completed a review when you first received that SDS. But, have you checked it lately? More chemicals are being classified as hazardous every day. Did you check all of the synonyms of the components? Are you confident that you understand the information that has been given to you over the years? For every SDS in your file cabinet?

hazMIN Regulated Substance Database - RegSub

The Regulated Substance Database makes cross-references easy!

Regulated Substance Database Computer

Regulations change & corrections are always being posted by regulatory agencies. With you always have the correct information.

Big lists require a powerful search engine. is indexed to search the database the way you need to, it's designed to work the way you work.

Information means nothing if you can't back it up.

includes all original footnotes contained in a advisory or regulatory list. Footnotes are critical to understanding how the chemical is regulated and who is affected by the regulations.

and all modules support the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari

As well as multi-platform support for Windows, Apple, Android, and Linux; Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices.

Regulated Substance Database Benefits

updates included lists, adds new lists, and synonyms.

updates are released whenever regulations change, as well as on a quarterly basis.

maintains updated references for chemicals appearing on both the TSCA and the Canadian DSL.

See for more detail on TSCA and DSL.

When paired with you can quickly cross-reference all of your SDS(s) to determine which components appear on any regulatory safety lists.

When used alongside diagnosing regulatory impact materials or tracking generated waste is just a few clicks away.


hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
SDS Management
Users can cross-reference multiple SDS(s) with one or more of the chemical regulatory and advisory lists included in RegSub™. This cross-reference tool will look at component names on your SDS(s) and search for any synonyms in the selected lists.
Environmental Reporting
When paired with our Regulated Substance Database, environmental reports can driven be matching your SDS components with regulatory source lists. The software will "roll-up" the appropriate pounds or kilograms for your Environmental Reports.
Committee Review
When paired with hazMIN®, the hazardous materials review committee can quickly cross-reference an SDS against key sources to determine which components are regulated and hazardous.

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hazMIN by LOGICAL Technology, Inc. RegSub™ Standalone Solutions

A subscription gives you access to the most current information 24x7 over the internet. Don't waste time searching through hundreds of sources, installing updates, or loading software. You will have the same data users have, at your fingertips.

This Regulated Substance Database may be licensed for integration into your own applications. For example, some companies have "home-grown" systems which utilize the for generating Material Safety Data Sheets for customers. Some environmental software competitors have even built interfaces for the .

 Getting Started

For a Sample Report

Perhaps the best way to understand the power of the Regulated Substance Database Module is to see a sample report. If you would like to see what regulatory and advisory groups have to say about a particular chemical, send our regulatory specialists an email, tell us a little bit about yourself, and give us your "favorite" chemical by clicking on the SAMPLE REPORT button below.

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