Committee Review

documents the approved usage and storage of hazardous materials (SDSs) at a specific location and augments the SDS with facility-specific training.

Regulators cannot force you to manage your hazardous materials. Sometimes hazardous materials management is the thing to do.

To meet the requirements of safe use and training, many corporations are going beyond the SDS for supply of pertinent usage or safe use data. The SDS provided by the manufacturer is good information. However, for a variety of reasons, the information is not sufficient to adequately train employees on the specific requirements of how each material will be used at their site. Within the Module, SDSs are combined with a "REQUEST" document and an internal SOP for a hazardous material.

Committee Review

advanced chemical approval system lets you decide what chemicals are brought into the workplace.

Committee Review - hazMIN®

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The REQUEST augments the SDS with site specific data regarding the who, what, where, when, why, how much, and how a Material is used and disposed of within a process or facility. Compiles data with respect to the facility, the building, the process location, ventilation, disposal, application methods, material amounts, containers, and much more. Providing user-defined fields for corporate-specific historical usage information. Allowing a user to pick from facility specific validations in order to create a REQUEST. The system allows for unlimited unique REQUESTS per SDS. The Module will archive REQUESTS (and SDSs) into a non-current status because of discontinued use, or updating of the documents.

The Module allows a facility or corporation to institute as formal of a hazardous material management (review and approval) system as is necessary to fit its needs. Review committees can be established, approvals documented and the MSDS augmented with SOP.

How do you train employees within your facility on the proper use and handling of hazardous materials as it applies to their specific process?

How do you acquaint employees of facility specific rules and regulations regarding safe storage of a recently delivered material?

SOPs are the answer. SOPs provide specific-use training and can summarize the key parts of an SDS, all in the terms and everyday language of your workforce, 24 hours a day.

has included key fields which need to be tracked for comprehensive hazardous materials management, but the user may decide to use some or all, or replace some fields with fields that meet their own special needs. If certain usage and storage totals are included, the software can be used to calculate and usage threshold reports.

Associate a single REQUEST to multiple SDS to streamline your SOP and Hazardous Material Management plan.

The Supreme Environmental Database Information is not available anywhere else. Most companies acquire the to build a quotable database of hazardous material usage, storage, and disposal which is not available anywhere else in the corporation. The queries and cross-queries on the data can be tagged to specific locations.

Even if you do not want to establish a formal approval process approach to hazardous materials management, the database created with the REQUEST and SOP provides management tools that are available nowhere else. The flexibility of the allows these documents and the review process to be customized to the exact needs of the user.

hazMIN® Commitee Review Professional

Only approved materials may be purchased

The Module allows a facility or corporation to institute as formal of a hazardous material management (review and approval) system as is necessary to fit its needs. Review committees can be established, approvals documented and the SDS augmented with SOP.

The REQUEST can document how each hazardous material was utilized and the potential exposure to your employees. Such documentation may be invaluable in workers' compensation claims.

These records could be crucial in determining what chemicals are entering various waste streams from the facility.

The REQUEST can document that a material was evaluated. This would give employees the assurance that the material has been determined to be safe for their use as trained by the SOP for their facility.

SDS & MSDSs are written by the manufacturer for multiple customers; they cannot address customer-specific situations. Typically, SDS/MSDSs provide a disclaimer which states, in some form, that it is your responsibility to determine safe conditions of a material's use. Therefore, the SOP is available so that you can provide facility-specific safe-use and disposal information. The SOP can specify the exact make and model of an OSHA-approved respirator to be used. The SDS cannot. The SOP can state the explicit instructions for disposing of wastes in accordance with the facility's waste permits. The SDS/MSDS cannot. The SOP can outline usage instructions to minimize employee chemical exposure. The SDS/MSDS cannot.


hazMIN SDS Online Management Building Blocks
SDS Management
Makes the SDS/MSDS available for and the details of the SDS/MSDS available to the hazardous material professionals.
Regulated Substance Database (RegSub™ (Optional)
Cross-Reference the components of an SDS to evaluate the regulatory impact of approving the safety data sheet
Committee Review
The essence of hazardous material management within a facility or corporation. As such, this module controls what materials are to be used or not used in various operations and how employees are to be trained to ensure compliance with the management program.

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