Chemical Management

Chemical Management is an example of the expandabilty of a implementation.

The module can go beyond just simple documentation of chemical usage and storage for environmental reporting as well as waste generation and storage for hazardous waste tracking.

Non-Environmental Reporting Have data? We'll use it.

Once you have transferred, or entered, the required information into the Chemical Inventory Software for the your , one might ask the question: "Is that all that there is?" The answer is a resounding, "No!"

The reporting capabilities of hazMIN® Chemical Inventory are so powerful that you may consider using the software for more than just environmental reporting or chemical management. The amount of information that the software must track to adequately compute the various environmental reports is extensive. This information can be a valuable resource for a host of management decisions.

For example, chemical management documents the quantity of a material in storage on any date. When you set up the software including the standard cost information, it can easily track the value of materials in storage. You can also establish re-order points for material.

hazMIN® Chemical Inventory Software documents extensive receiving, consumption, material manufacturing, waste generation, and shipping information by date. For a given range of dates, you can report the quantity of each material consumed at a location, department, or facility. When transferring the output data of hazardous waste shipments (i.e. to a spreadsheet), you can graph the shipments by date.

The Chemical Inventory Module is versatile. You can use it for environmental reporting, or you could use it as a basic chemical management system. For environmental reports, you only need to use as much of the software as is necessary to meet your objectives.

Chemical Management Solution for your facilities.

Chemical Management can provide a complete basic chemcial invetory solution.

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